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Tutor Appreciation 2022

During 2020 and 2021, tutors at the Rowan County Literacy Council volunteered over 2,800 hours helping fellow Rowan County residents improve their literacy skills. On Wednesday August 3, 2022, RCLC volunteers were honored at a celebratory event in Rowan Public Library’s Stanback Auditorium to recognize their many achievements.

Executive Director Laurel Harry and Program Coordinator Samantha Jones noted tutor milestones, shared special accomplishments, and gave out several special awards, including three “Rookie of the Year” awards and the Catherine Bernhardt Safrit Award for Extraordinary Volunteer Service.

The Literacy Council presents plaques to tutors who log their first 100 hours and gives brass plates for each additional set of 100 hours worked. The following tutors were given plaques for having notched their first 100 volunteer hours: Diane Labovitz, Susan Parker (plus 400), Debbie Scott (plus 200), Rita Sims, and Evelyn Uddin-Khan.

Other veteran tutors were honored for additional hours during the 2020 and 2021 calendar years, as follows:

100 hours: Deb Chirico, Jenny Hubbard, Thomas Long, Doug McKenzie, Larry Summey

200 hours: Gary Rash, Ed Tezlaf

300 hours: Char Molrine, Anne Saunders, Jennifer Welch

800 hours: Don Doering

Each year, the Literacy Council recognizes one or more new tutors who have shown exemplary dedication and spirit. For 2021, tutors Mathias de Comarmond, Ana Avila Araniba, and Toni Teeter received the “Rookie of the Year” awards.

Jennifer Welch was the recipient of the Catherine Bernhardt Safrit Award for Extraordinary Volunteer Service for 2021. In her nine years with the Literacy Council, Welch has been a reliable and devoted volunteer. She has tutored for almost 1,500 hours and has volunteered countless additional hours at the Literacy Council’s programs and events. Welch is a fixture at the library where she can be seen working with her students several days of the week.

Lastly, the Literacy Council recognized long-time tutor Char Molrine for her 16 years of continuous service to the Literacy Council. Char tutored over 2,100 hours. She has won numerous accolades over the years, including the Safrit Award in 2015, and the Elizabeth Duncan Koontz Humanitarian Award in 2020.


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