New Volunteer Training Courses

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These training courses are for volunteer tutors of ABE and ESL students ONLY. You do not need to take this training path if you are going to be tutoring with our Youth Literacy Program at Hurley Elementary.

Below are 2 of the videos that will help you with the fundamentals of teaching an adult to read. The rest of courses must be accessed on the ProLiteracy website- instructions are detailed below.


To access the rest of the online training courses, please click here and follow the directions below.

1. Click the orange LOGIN button and select New User then create a username & password (write these down for future reference).

2. Click Learning Catalog then located the required courses. You may have to page through courses using the arrow keys on the upper right side of the screen. Click on Select on the right side of the screen for each desired course.

3. Once selected, click Enroll Now then click Confirm.

4. The courses will now appear in your My Learning list.

5. To open a course, click the title. Once the course opens, use the outline on the left-hand side of the screen to move through the course content.

6At the end of the course, please complete the exam and then print or take a screen shot of the certificate of completion. 

If you have any questions or technical difficulties, contact us and we'll get it sorted out!

Required Courses:

1. A Way with Words: Strategies for Strengthening Adult Learners' Vocabularies 

2. Before, During and After - A Reading Comprehension Technique

3. Understanding the Reading Process

Pick one from the courses below:

1. Principles of Adult Learning

2. Unleashing Potential through Multi-Intelligent Literacy Instruction