2021 Words With Friends Tournament

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2021 Words with Friends Tournament

It's time for the Rowan County Literacy Council’s 3rd Annual Online Words with Friends Tournament! We are again looking forward to some robust competition as contestants match wits and vie for the top spot. Contestants will download and use the Words with Friends Smartphone App to participate in the tournament. Full details below. To register, click here.


Registration and Parings
The first step is to download the WWF app (see below for details). Once registered, please send your unique Words with Friends username to info@rcliteracy.org or text it to 704-840-3546. It is important that you send your unique Username exactly as it was created to avoid delays in pairing and gameplay. Note that your screen name and your username may be different.  For example, your screen name might be Jane Doe but your username might be JD12345.  We need your USERNAME in order to pair you with an opponent. If you do not already have a Words with Friends account, please follow the steps below.

  1. To create a Words with friends account, go to the app store (iOS) or the Google Play store (Android) and search for Words with Friends. There are several versions available including Words with Friends, Words with Friends Classic, and Words with Friends 2. It does not matter which version you choose.
  2. Click Download then click Open. Follow the prompts to create your unique Username and make note of this information. Please note that the Words with Friends app contains ads. Sometimes ads appear before and during game play. These cannot be turned off unless you purchase an ad-free version of the game. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. Our advice is to grin and bear it and you will get used to ignoring the ads in short order.  
  3. Important: please to allow the app to send you notifications. These notifications will alert you when your opponent has played a word, so that you may play, and the game can proceed in a timely fashion. If your notifications are turned off and you fail to complete a game by the deadline, the match will be forfeited. Please try to play promptly to avoid delays.

Competition will begin on July 26 at which time you will be notified of your opponent’s username.  One opponent will initiate the game and the other player will accept the invitation. We will let you know which player is in charge of initiating the game for each round.
Initiate a game with your paired opponent by following the steps below:

  1. Click the blue plus sign icon.   
  2. On the “Start a New Game” page, click on “Username.”
  3. Enter the Username of your designated opponent exactly as it has been provided to you, and click “Start Game.”
  4. At the confirmation message that says, “Create Game with JD12345?” click on “Play Now.”
  5. At this point your game board will open and you may commence play.

To accept a game initiated by your designated opponent, verify the username provided in the pairing email, then simply click “Accept Challenge” to join the match.

We will build the tournament bracket using all entries received by the July 21 deadline.  
You will be matched with your first opponent on Monday July 26.
You will have until Sunday Aug 1, midnight EST to complete your game and notify us of the result. A screen shot of the final score must be texted to 704-840-3546 or emailed to info@rcliteracy.org by the deadline.  
If a game is not finished on time, the winner will be the last person who played a word, regardless of the score at that time.
Contestants who win their games will advance to the next round and will be paired with a new opponent on Monday August 2. Round 2 will conclude on the following Sunday, Aug 8. Monday through Sunday play will continue until we have a champion.
The number of weeks of play will depend on the number of entrants. If you bought one entry, you will have one pairing in the first round. If you bought 3 entries, you will start with 3 pairings in the first round.

Additional Rules
If a player elects to Swap tiles, that counts as a turn. If a player elects to Pass, that counts as a turn.
In the event of an odd number of contestants at the end of a round, the highest-scoring losing contestant from the previous round will advance to the next round.
All rulings made by the Words with Friends app on word validity, scoring, and game play are final. Please note that the Words with Friends app relies on the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE) dictionary, which is not the same as a standard Scrabble dictionary.

The prizes for top 4 finishers will be as follows:
•    Grand Prize: $100 certificate
•    Second place: $25 certificate
•    Third Prize: TBD
•    Fourth Price: TBD
At the conclusion of the tournament, winners will be notified by email and prizes may be collected at the Rowan County Literacy Council’s office at 201 W. Fisher St., Salisbury NC 28144.

In Conclusion
If you have any questions, please call us at 7104-216-8266 or email info@rcliteracy.org. To register, click here.

The Rowan County Literacy Council appreciates your participation in this tournament. We hope it will be a fun competition in support of the important goal of eradicating illiteracy in Rowan County, NC. If you would like more information about the Literacy Council or are interested in volunteering, please contact us at info@rcliteracy.org. Thanks again and may the best logophile win!